I'm Yaakov Ainspan.

I'm a web designer and developer from Monsey, NY. For the past five years I've been building high-quality websites and web apps for customers ranging from a ceramics studio to a swim school.

The Beginning

C++ and KhanAcademy

I began learning to code almost seven years ago, first learning C++ from a book. However, the slow pace of development in C++ discouraged me at first, and I took a break from programming for a while.

I returned to programming on KhanAcademy, taking their Hour of Code course in web page design. I was immediately hooked on the rapidness of programming in HTML; the lack of a compiler meant that seeing the results of my code was almost instantaneous.

I started building small pages on my home computer, like the one shown below.

My first web page.

At the time, I was quite proud of this. Looking back it is quite clear just how much of a learning experience those early pages were.

Next Steps

Personal Apps and Rapid Door

For the first two years after I began to make websites, all of what I made were small projects for myself. These years produced a small chat app, a file manager app, and a few others.

VEdit File Manager

Then, in 2016, I made my first paid design, remaking the website for Rapid Door & Trim. Although perhaps not my finest work, it marked my first excursion into the web development business.

Monsey Swim School

The Big One

In 2017, I was hired to remake the website for the Monsey Swim School. The previous site was slow and buggy, full of unnecessary junk and overcomplicated code. I rebuilt the site from scratch, designing and building a custom storefront to handle the business's online transactions.

Monsey Swim School

Making the website took some time, but eventually it was completed. However, compatibility issues with new software versions forced me to update the entire site, a process that is still underway.

Commitment to Quality

All of my designs are carefully crafted to fulfill your needs in the most efficient manner possible.